Silver Ring Brown

89,00 €

Handmade wooden ring made from broken skateboards with silver band inside - wooden box included. Like every skateboard, it contains 7 colorful layers of canadian maple - really hard wood. One layer - one color is ca. 1,4mm. Our rings are impregnated with the special waterproof cover which is neutral for skin. Because of that ​every ring is 100% waterproof and it never stops being glossy in direct contact with water and dirt too.

Personalisation options, just add it in your order or message us:

  • - Ring size - add your UK, US or mm size. More about sizes.
  • - Style - you can choose glossy or matt and by default it's glossy.
  • - Custom engraving - message us bofere ordering to be sure that your custom sign or text are possible to be realized.

We are focused on high quality of our products. We spend 3 - 6 hours on each ring. Every ring has 5 YEARS WARRANTY for damages not caused by the user. The warranty doesn’t include bruises, scrapes and other mechanical breaks. If you have any problems with your ring please contact us.

Buying our products you promote eco-friendly culture, contribute to reducing amount of waste and take part in planting trees - one product plants one tree.

If you have any questions or have your own idea for the ring- visit custom or message us! We will try to create something together! 

Every ring available with silver band inside.