We are a collective of people with passion for skateboarding, recycling and design, which allowed us to create BoardThing - a place where you can find handmade products from discarded skateboards as wooden rings, wooden weed grinders and other.

Silver Rings ▸

We offer handmade wooden rings in combination with high-quality materials like silver. Our rings are made of recycled skateboards Canadian maple. Every ring is covered by the special layer which makes it 100% waterproof and long-lasting. Silver rings from BoardThings are available in every size – just choose in your order or contact us.

Classic Rings ▸

Check the collection of wooden rings made from recycled skateboards. 7 colorful layers of Canadian maple ensures the top-quality wood that is not only elegant but also durable. Embrace the nature with our wooden rings.

Bentwood Rings ▸

Wooden rings are undoubtedly beautiful. Their lovely sheen looks astonishing and elegant when the ring is finished properly. Because of the multiple layers of their material and the hard wood they are solid and durable.

Grinders ▸

We like giving free rein to our imagination, which often leads us to create some extraordinary products, such as wooden weed grinders. This handcraft is made of recycled skateboards. Our portable wooden weed grinder is 2cm high and 4cm diameter.


Necklaces ▸

Thinking of a special gift for your second best? How about an ecological handmade jewelry. Take a peek at our collection of handcrafted Canadian maple wooden necklaces made of recycled skateboards.

Magnets ▸

It seems that from recycled skateboard several categories of products are enough. Not for BoardThing! For us, even sky isn’t the limit. Add one of our ecological wooden fridge magnets to your collection and shake hands with the art of recycling.

Apple accessories ▸

Here’s the place where you can find items made of recycled skateboards which help you use your Apple products and other computer accessories with. There are handmade wooden laptop stands dedicated for Apple MacBook, as well as all iPhone docking stations made from recycled skateboards. Browse our shop and choose the best product for your model.

Bottle openers ▸

After an intense skateboarding session, nothing tastes better than a bottle of cold beer or favorite soda. Have you ever wonder that bottle opener can remind you of your never-ending passion for skateboards? Now it’s possible.  


  • “We couldn't be happier with our wedding rings and the excellent service form start to finish!”

    Laura Beal on 30 Jul, 2017

  • “Beautiful! Fits perfectly!”

    sistermischief on 04 Aug, 2017

  • “Ordered a ring for my fiancée for our wedding and I just guessed on the size and it fit him perfectly! And he loves it very unique and just right for our lifestyle, he can't wear any metal at work so he is very happy with his skateboard wedding ring once he gets to wear it! 😊 Thank you guys!”

    Gina Gomez on 19 Jul, 2017

  • “I absolutely love this ring and the fact that it was created recycling skateboards. The skater in me was immediately drawn to this ring! I'm planning on proposing to my girlfriend and am doing it a bit unconventionally in the sense that I picked out hers and my rings. : ) thank you for being a part of our journey. Also, what a great shop- I love what you guys do and am in love with your mission and creativity. I sure I'll be back!”

    Aly Witek on 18 Jul, 2017

 wooden weed grinder


We are a group of friends bonded with art, recycling and skateboard culture - people who are inspired by the potential of processing materials commonly treat as waste. Little people outside of the culture of skateboarding realize that the life of a skateboard deck in a professional use is quite short (sometimes it might be only a few weeks)…



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